Gong Player


february 17th & 18th, 2024

Play the Gong proficiently and confidently as a spiritual tool for healing and well-being. Develop the skills, confidence, and consciousness required to become a professional gong player/practitioner and sound therapist to run a successful practice.

The gong is a very powerful healing tool that supports healing at the emotional level, physical level, psychologically, and spiritually.

Gong Healer / Teacher:


Jaye / Randeep Kaur is one of the most experienced Gong Master in Australia.

Jaye is a Kundalini Yoga certified Teacher and for the past 30 years, Jaye’s work has been a rich tapestry of healing- using Massage, Gong and other Sacred Sound Healing tools. Jaye completed The Gong Mastery training under the direction of Don Conreaux in 2005. Jaye is instrumental in bringing Don to Australia annually for Gong Trainings. In Australia, Jaye has played with Alchemy of Sound, Healing Hertz and the Sydney Sacred Gong ensemble.

Course Content:

  • Ways to play the Gong – different techniques, suspended and hand held strokes, loudness, volume & rhythm with various gongs.
  • Brainwaves, entrainment, chemical reactions within the body.
  • Meridians, Nadis and Chakras with the Gong therapy.
  • Sound Massage and effects.
  • Healing modalities with the Gong.
  • Holistic healing.
  • Gong therapy Axioms.
  • Approaching the Gong as an instrument of power. 
  • How to choose your first gong, mallet and stand, how to buy it, which gong is the most valuable, etc.
  • Where to take/play the Gong. 
  • Contraindications, health and safety.
  • Himalayan Singing Bowls as small Gongs.
  • Meditation, one on one, group meditation.
  • How to organise a sound bath and offer group sessions.

  • Bell and Dorje.
  • Tingshaws.

In this two-day hands-on training, you will gain new skills in playing techniques and learn how to choose for your needs, playing in different settings and being able to offer all the endless possibilities. The training is taught very experientially so the student can have as much playing time as possible with various Gongs.

Training Dates:


Saturday, 17th

10:30am – 5pm


Sunday, 18th

10:30am – 5pm



$435 early-bird price; $495 Full price.


Snacks and chai tea included on both days.


Gong Player Training Course

Limited spots available. Reserve your spot soon.

healing sound therapy

Gong sound therapy has been practiced for thousands of years. The Gong is a sacred and ancient instrument of healing, rejuvenation, and transformation that produces sound waves to stimulate the physical, mental, and emotional body, influencing all levels of the being. The sound of a gong helps the brain reach deep relaxation – specifically the delta and theta brain wave states, which are the slowest brain waves in humans. We tend to reach these states during daydreaming or deep sleep, and they are known to aid relaxation, creativity and natural healing.

As you vibrate, the universe vibrates with you

Include the Gong into our Sound Healing practice. Become a gong player playing gong skills and create profound sound healing experiences with the Gong.

Gong Player Training Course

Limited spots available. Put your deposit to reserve your spot.