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The Vitality and Stress Level Two Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is a professional certification program in Kundalini Yoga certified by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), recognised by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia, and taught by the Ajai Alai Awakening International Kundalini Yoga School.

A unique, life-changing experience taught during a residential retreat on the Sunshine Coast in Noosa, and online.



Step to become Real. Develop the inner growth and personal discipline of a truly excellent teacher. Building on the foundation and the tools offered by Level One, Level Two Teacher Training is about personal transformation and deepening the core capacities, character, and consciousness of a Kundalini Yoga teacher. Learn how to improve the power of your physical body and create your own vitality using your resources and recycling stress. In this Training, we will explore different ways to elevate your life and increase your vitality so that life becomes a flow in harmony with the Infinite.

November 19-24, 2024
on-site retreat, SUNSHINE COAST & online

Kri certified

The Level Two Aquarian Teacher Training Program is a 300 hour professional certification program in Kundalini Yoga that consists of five 62-hour modules. The Vitality and Stress is one of the five modules the student needs to complete for the 300-hour certification. Graduates of Level Two earn the title of KRI Certified Practitioner of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), and combined with Level One certification, fulfill the Yoga Alliance RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 500-hour requirement.


The Aquarian Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level 2 Certificate will be delivered by KRI. It will give you access to IKYTA (International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association), which guarantees the competencies of the Level 2 Trainers, the validity of the certification, and its worldwide recognition.


The ability to apply tools to increasing vitality and recycling stress is a vital part of being a good teacher, a mature trainer and an excellent human being. The central goal of this training is to provide experience and tools to integrate vitality and stress module into your life, your classes and teachings. You’ll increase your mentoring and coaching skills using Kundalini yoga and Meditation tools since students or clients will ask for guidance and help in solving their problems and developing helpful practices with Kundalini yoga and meditation. 

Five Mirrors

In this level, the Instructor cultivates the yogic capacities of intuition, neutrality and self-assessment within the five mirrors of consciousness. These are the five modules certified by KRI and necessary to become a KRI Certified Practitioner:

Conscious Communication
Uplift and penetrate through the power of the word.
Vitality and Stress
Cultivate the caliber to guide yourself and others through life’s challenges.
Authentic Relationships
Unfold your true identity in the matrix of conscious relationship.
Mind and Meditation
Conquer the mind and conquer the world.
LifeCycles and LifeStyles
Discover mystery and mastery through every cycle of life.

Main Information

The Teachings of Ajai Alai Awakening International Kundalini Yoga School will give you a foundation of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. The AAA is a Kundalini Yoga School delivering awareness and community-building programs, with the intention to raise the consciousness of human beings to help them build a strong base of positive habits and live a healthier and happier life. The school offers an honest and dynamic space for growth and healing where you will be challenged and inspired to grow up to your potential. The AAA School teaches in Asia, Europe and Australia.

The AAA offers an honest and dynamic space for growth and healing where you will be challenged and inspired to grow up to your potential. The teachings are made alive by a dedicated community of teachers and trainers. You are welcome to experience being part of the community. You cannot get the teachings, you have to become the teachings.

The Vitality and Stress Level 2 Training is open to KRI Level One Certified Instructors and anybody who wants to experience personal and spiritual growth, and develop the power of own vitality.

This training is for those wanting to teach, and also for any true seekers wanting to uncover more of their authentic self and learn powerful and practical skills to thrive in life whatever you do. Whether you are a personal yogi seeker, a teacher/practitioner, therapist, psychologist, coach, educator or simply desire to live a happier, healthier, and more purposeful life.

This training gives you the essential tools to assist you becoming a skilled, extraordinary, and stand out yoga teacher and applying tools in daily life.

In general, applicants are expected to hold a KRI Instructor Certificate in Kundalini Yoga Level 1. However, it is also open to yoga students, yoga teachers or professionals of other disciplines.

Before the module, you will receive a meditation to prepare yourself. After the week retreat, there will be a follow-up for 3 months to integrate the experience, which is also the KRI requirement to certify.

Training Format

Our Teacher training team is composed of lead trainers Sat Sarbat Kaur and Satmukh Singh, and international trainer Dharamjot Kaur.

The Level 2 will take place on the Sunshine Coast in Noosa. The training will start at 11:30 am on the first day and finish after sadhana on the last day (around 8 am).

Arjan Hari will be at the retreat centre, and the trainers Sat Sarbat, Satmukh, and/or Dharamjot will join online from overseas via Zoom. On-site trainers’ attendance might be possible, but it is not guaranteed.


The yoga space is fully equipped to experience the online live teachings in the best conditions. The residential format is intended to live the Kundalini Yoga Community and support one another, leading to much growth and transformation through the training, and giving you the chance to meet the Australian Kundalini yoga community.

Our preference for the student is to attend the retreat in person, as this is an immersive, life-changing experience. Being part of the Kundalini yoga community is a complete experience that positively affects the student. This is an opportunity to create a space for yourself and recognise patterns giving you the chance to align your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels in a more profound sense of unity. The retreat experience is a chance to feel a deeper connection with yourself, the community, the surroundings, the earth, and the universe.


During the training and after the training you will be part of study groups. These meetings will give you an opportunity to share your experience, reflect and integrate your process. It is also a place to apply the teachings at the level of the community, by being authentic in a group, by learning how to listen and communicate, and by being inspired by others.

For the online training, the manual for the course will be available to you. Small groups will be formed for daily breakout discussions online and for the following 90-days after the course for virtual attendance.

Teacher Training Team

International Lead Trainers

Sat Sarbat Kaur & Satmukh Singh

Sat Sarbat Kaur and Satmukh Singh are Mentoring Lead Trainers approved by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), as well as founders of the Ajai Alai Awakening International School of Kundalini Yoga. They offer Kundalini trainings worldwide and have been training teachers internationally for more than fifteen years in Asia, Europe and Australia.

Sat Sarbat Kaur is a KRI Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer Level 1 and 2 and Mentoring Lead. Sat Sarbat Kaur expanded her experience around Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, by following several training, such as Sat Nam Rasayan Healing, Numerology, Conscious Pregnancy, and Children Yoga.
One of the perks of being part of a yoga community is being around the delightful wonder that is the male yogi. Satmukh Singh is inspired by other spiritual practices and techniques as Gurdjieff movements, Tantric Numerology, Non-Violent Communication, Shamanic Ecstatic Postures and healing tools as the Journey and the Psychogenealogy. He is based in China and travels internationally sharing the teachings of Kundalini yoga.

Profesional Trainer

Dharamjot Kaur

Dharamjot Kaur is a a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga professional trainer Level 1, and a mentor in training.

She has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since 2009 and became a Level 1 and 2 teacher. She also followed other trainings, like Sat Nam Rasayan Healing, Numerology, Gong and sound healing, and Children Yoga.

Dharamjot is in charge of the AAA KRI teacher trainings in China and Taiwan, as well as the SunChild teacher training.

Inspired by her teachers Satmukh and Sat Sarbat, she has been working with the Chinese Kundalini Yoga community and serving the teachers and students locally for years. She engaged in translation into Chinese of Yogi Bhajan’s books. She encouraged the local community to do seva and elevate each other by using the tool of kundalini yoga. 

Dharamjot Kaur has been part of the Training Team in Australia since 2020. 

Residential Retreat

The training is offered as an immersive residential retreat on the Sunshine Coast in Noosa, and online.

The training will be live streamed for those who can’t join on-site. The objective of hosting the training as a residential training is to allow you to learn, grow and expand in community, living the yogic lifestyle and surrounded by nature.


Away from your daily responsibilities, you increase your chance to encounter your deeper self. It is a time to observe, transform and integrate. Your own growth will be supported by a collective living space, with the possibility to serve each other and reconnect to our original nature, to give and to receive.

Accommodation & VENUE

During the training, you’ll enjoy use of the main house, swimming pool area, and the beautiful bush land in near the beach.

Creating a sense of privacy, but also community, in a tranquil and nourishing atmosphere to facilitate the journey. With limited capacity and small group sizes, there will be plenty of space to absorb and reflect.

The retreat is where you can escape from the doing madness and be yourself, learn about what is enough for you and feel that the miracle of nature can sometimes be enough for the moment. 


Ayurveda and yoga are sister sciences and practices, both originating from the Vedic culture in ancient India. The practice of one enhances the other.

In our retreat, students will be nourished with a diet based on Ayurvedic principles, with foods that are considered sattvic for keeping your body light and your mind clear. The quality of the food and its simplicity greatly support the transformation process that the students go through during the week.


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Immersion Retreat

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Online Training

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