Chakra course

Your journey toward health and wholeness begins at your Chakras.

Experience the benefits of a journey through the Chakras. Unblock your energy for balance and wholeness. Discover your power within and reconnect with that abundant source of energy and freedom.

This practice can create profound internal shifts within your mindset and heal your body to align with the highest and purest version of Self. Through this uplifting and transformational Chakra Course, you will use tools of Kundalini Yoga, breathing work, mantra, meditation, and immerse in the healing sounds of the Gong.

For anyone who wants to clear emotional energy blocks and feel a greater inner strength, more fulfillment, and happiness within. Kundalini yoga is for everyone – there is no restriction on age, experience, body type or gender. Previous experience with Kundalini Yoga is not required. 


Course Content

This course is available for you to start now, and the whole content is delivered to you immediately. By registering for the course, you’ll have full lifetime access to the content videos to learn about Chakras and practice at your own pace, wherever you are. The Chakras Course consists of 8 hours of videos structured in 7 modules.


An uplifting journey with Kundalini yoga that safely and progressively moves the energy from the base of the spine to the crown of the head through the 7 Chakras. You will learn the path of Kundalini Yoga and how, through awakening Kundalini Energy you can grow into your full potential. Each session aims to work in a particular Chakra to eliminate blockages in the physical and subtle body and balance energy for optimum emotional, physical health and well-being.

7 theoretical videos

Have the aim to develop a deeper level of understanding of each Chakra. As you develop a relationship with each of your chakras, you will increase your ability to internalise, hold, contain, and work with their respective energies.

7 practical videos

Yoga practices, movements, sound, and soothing meditations to quiet the mind, detach from thought patterns and liberate stress. It includes breathing techniques, guided meditations, and sacred mantras for deep healing and inner connection through the Chakra journey.


ChaKra Centres

Aside from the physical body, we also have a subtle, energetic body. Within it are pathways that flow with prana or life-force energy, and these converge at powerful energy centres, known as Chakras. The seven primary chakras flow from the root at the base of the spine up to the crown chakra on top of the head.
Each chakra centre is associated with particular qualities and emotions. The upward free flow of energy creates specific sensations or feelings that bring a sense of expansion and balance. Whenever you feel any imbalance or feel blocked or sense of contraction, are warning signs that the energy is blocked and your chakras are out of balance. When any of these chakra energy centres are blocked, it leads to stagnation and can contribute to various physical and spiritual ailments.

Kundalini Yoga for Chakras

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful form of yoga that provides deep healing by releasing any trauma from the energetic body. Through this release, we are able to recognise the abundance that is our birthright and live from our hearts.
In the Workshops, we’ll balance the Chakras understanding the flow of energy and getting energy flowing through the chakras. We’ll progressively work through specific sets that include a combination of movement, sound, and meditation, to gently train you to become more conscious of your blocks, both emotionally and physically.
Working with the chakra system can help eliminate blocks and limiting beliefs, and achieve wholeness and integration.



Safety. Stability. Balance. Vital energy. Strong Nervous System.

The First Chakra is the foundation for expansion in your life, where you feel enthusiastic, energetic and lively. Psychologically, it rules your survival instincts and your sense of confidence. It helps you choose whether to fight or step back.
Explore the nourishing ways you can heal and work with any imbalance in the root chakra, allow the energy to flow, and life to flourish.


Emotionally self-sufficiency. Expansion. Sexuality.

Engage in movement, relaxation, and flow, and give and receive nurturing. At the Second Chakra, we must relax, let go, and surrender to empower the flow, allow movement, and permit connection to happen.
You will awaken to the world of emotions and become aware of a deep unconscious and subconscious reservoir of energy in the body. You’ll get to know your body as the home of your vitality, feelings, emotions and well-being.


Fearless. Courageous. Strength. Power.

Become clear and decisive, trust the Self and your own choices. In this workshop, you’ll awaken your inner strength and willpower, feeling alive with a confident sense of the Self and own value.
You will meet your repressed emotions and sensitive self at the solar plexus, cultivating feeling awareness that creates emotional healing. As we resolve our fear, anger, and sadness, we can move upward with strength, courage, and power.


Higher Love. Devotion. Gratitude. Self-Love.

The Heart Chakra integrates and balances mind, body, and spirit to experience a sense of wholeness that brings us inner peace. Love is the binding Universal Force that holds everything together. It's a transforming force that inspires, energises, cleanses, and gives us strength.
You will open your spiritual Heart Chakra to find guidance, wisdom, and strength within. When you feel the self-emanating power of love flow from your heart, transformation and healing can occur.


Communication. Self-expression. Truth.

The Fifth Chakra connects the body and the mind in the throat area and is the gateway to higher consciousness. At the Throat Chakra, we investigate how we can use sacred mantras and the power of the word to create our reality.
Elevate others by speaking the truth. Speak and share from the heart and communicate without fear by being authentically yourself.
To cultivate the above, we’ll use our Fifth Chakra skills of listening to our intuition and the Universal sound.


Awareness. Intuition. Inner knowing. Neutral. Calm.

Cultivate your power of intuition and focus, and don’t get buttons pushed and succumb to drama.
The Third-Eye Chakra will work on building your inner knowledge, inspiration, and your true purpose.
You will develop a strong third eye chakra that will allow you to use your enhanced inner guidance from more powerful intuitive abilities.


Oneness. Divine Connection. Higher mind.

At our Crown Chakra, we go deeper into our neutral channel, where we return to our Source. We establish our Divine Connection and consciously connect with non-physical reality. We explore the crown chakra, also known in Sanskrit as the Sahasrara chakra.
This chakra is associated with bliss, enlightenment, pure consciousness, and divine love.
When the consciousness moves to the top of the head, then one experiences only bliss. There is nothing else. You no longer feel any duality, any sense of conflict or separation. You feel totally connected and one with everything. You feel so blissful.


YANA - Soorya Amrit

Mama to three teenagers, capoeirista, yoga teacher with a background in various healing modalities, and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in training, Soorya Amrit blends her scientific study of anatomy with the subtle experiences of the body through the yogic technology. She believes that the human body is the guru which communicates our inner truth, with every cell manifesting its own divine consciousness. Yana brings a down to earth holistic approach to the practice of kundalini yoga, removing the illusory separation between the physical and energetic perceptions.


It’s ok if don’t have previous experience in yoga and meditation or Kundalini Yoga. No matter how experienced you are, Kundalini yoga is for everyone and there is no restriction on age, experience, body type or gender; If you want to clear emotional energy blocks and feel a greater inner strength, more fulfilment, and happiness within, this course is for you.

This course is a path of personal growth, for a lifestyle and good habits in daily life, not so much about becoming great at postures. You can do what you can, at your own pace, and consider it a way to improve your life and help improve your physical condition or a particular limitation as long as you recognise you are in adequate physical and mental health to participate.

You will have unlimited access to the Chakra Course. Once you’ve registered, you will receive a unique login that will allow you to access the course content online whenever you like.

This course is available for you to start now, and the whole content is delivered to you immediately. You can take the course at your own pace and do not need to rush to complete the course quickly, as it is important that you take your time to process and integrate.
Work progressively on each chakra, starting with the First Chakra until the Seventh Chakra. Do the theoretical part first before you do your practice on each chakra. You don’t need to master a chakra before you move to the next one. You can move progressively through the content course and the chakras by watching the theoretical part first and then the practical part.
Once you have finished all the chakras, you can start again with any of the chakras, and you can go directly to do the practical part. Choosing which chakra will depend on what aspect you want to work on or which one you feel in tune with, so you need to work on it.