Sat Naam!

“When there is the soul desire to become a human being, instead of a human doing, living from the inside out, we understand who we are and act from that centre, as we remain true to our original Self, which is the essence of our true power.”


Welcome! I’m Arjan Hari, the founder of Kundalini Yoga Brisbane. Since 2013, my mission has been to inspire individuals seeking genuine positive transformation through the potent blend of spiritual and physical Kundalini Yoga practices. The transformative ancient-modern teachings of Kundalini Yoga offer powerful tools to connect with our true essence, guiding us towards holistic well-being and self-discovery.


At Kundalini Yoga Brisbane, we offer an immersive experience for your heart and soul, designed to facilitate change and transformation. Our sessions guide you to access deeper joy, forge a stronger connection with yourself, and recognise the oneness within all existence.

I extend a warm invitation for you to join our vibrant Kundalini Yoga community, step into your most empowered self, and embark on a journey towards a life of true happiness and fulfillment.

Our Mission

We are committed to inspiring and guiding you to connect and awaken your inner power and unlimited source of health and vitality so you can fulfill the highest, most truthful expression of yourself as a human being by using your energy to lift yourself, your family and people around you, finding true success and happiness.

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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

A unique life-changing experience for authentic transformation that will unlock your full potential.
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Classes, Courses & Workshops

11 Sussex St,

West End

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Online Studio

Practice Kundalini Yoga & Meditation from wherever you are, whenever you want.

Courses and Workshops

$27,95 every 4 weeks with a 4-week free trial and a $27,95 sign-up fee

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga, known as the yoga of awareness, is the fastest growing yoga in the world for its highly effective technology in creating positive change within one’s system on physiological, emotional, mental, and energetic levels off the mat.
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Teacher Training



Retreat & Online

A unique, life-changing experience taught during 2 retreats on the Sunshine Coast and online. The 220 hours AAA Level 1 training program is certified by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), and recognised by Yoga Alliance, KYTANZ & Yoga Australia.
Nov 2024 - jun 2025
kri certified


Retreat & Online

The Vitality and Stress Level 2 is offered in-person attending the
retreat being part of the community lifestyle.
This is an opportunity for you to create a space for yourself and
recognise patterns giving you the chance to better align your
physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels in a more profound
sense of unity.

november 19 - 24, 2024
kri certified