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Kundalini Yoga and Meditation online classes to awaken your inner power and elevate your life to the next level of health, love, and consciousness. Explore yoga practices, meditations, breathing work, and mantra to empower yourself from the comfort of your home and create positive changes in your life beyond the yoga mat.


We are committed to inspiring and guiding you to awaken your inner power and unlimited source of vitality so you can fulfill the highest, most truthful expression of yourself, using your energy to lift yourself and people around you, finding in that true success and happiness. 

LiveStream Classes:

Kundalini yoga & MEDITATION
wednesday, 29th (6.15pm)
Saturday, 2nd (8.30am)
wednesday, 6th (6.15pm)
Friday, 8th (6.30am)
Saturday, 9th (8.30am)
wednesday, 13th (6.15pm)
Friday, 15th (6.30am)
Saturday, 16th (8.30am)
wednesday, 20th (6.15pm)


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Access more than 300 classes available with a new class uploaded each week. Join weekly Livestream Classes on Wednesdays, Fridays, and/or Saturdays. Become a member for $18 the first month, then only $6.99 per week. Unlimited access. Cancel anytime.

The livestream classes are really great and I have registered for all of them moving forward - they are so good!


I am loving the practice. I can certainly feel the difference in my body particularly my energy body. I can feel it racing around my body after the practice. I often feel bliss. I have completed last Tuesdays class two more times to try to build my stamina up. I am so thankful we have access to the same class again in the library. I have also been utilising the other practices in the library. My intention is to try to do at least 5 sessions per week. I have registered for this Tuesdays class already and I am trying to stay home to join Friday's class again this week.


I'm based in Sydney and been a member since few months and love the online classes. I can see a huge difference in my life since I started.


Did the first online class last night and it was just incredible and I feel so amazing today, so thank you very much. Will definitely be continuing on with the online classes and hope to attend some in studio soon.


Thank you!!! I just finished the nab kriya class omg AMAZING!!! I feel soooo good. Thank you!


I am really enjoying the online yoga classes and all of the teachers are really amazing.


I really enjoyed and benefited from last night's live stream class. Thank you so much for reaching it! I look forward to participating in the next one.



Yoga and Kundalini Yoga is a path of transformation for a lifestyle and good habits in daily life, not so much about becoming great at postures. You can do what you can, at your own pace, and consider it a way to improve your life and improve your physical condition or a particular limitation as long as you recognise your own boundaries and cope with that.

Once you’ve registered, you will immediately have access to all the class content online whenever you like. Our site will prompt you to enter payment information in order to sign up. You will be charged AUD $18 at the time of sign up for the first month. You can cancel your membership at any time. After four weeks, you will be billed only AUD $6.99/week monthly debited. No contract, no cancellation fees. If you enjoy your yoga practice, do nothing, and your membership will automatically continue for as long as you choose to remain a member.

Our classes are open to all level. It’s ok if you don’t have previous experience in yoga, meditation or Kundalini Yoga. No matter how experienced you are or how flexible you are. Kundalini Yoga is a blend of physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, mantra and relaxation with the intention to heal the body, release stress, strengthen the nervous system, balance the mind, gain awareness, connect with your soul and create inner transformation.

If you’re new into Kundalini yoga, there are videos available for you to get started with your practice.

It is not a requirement that you do the Beginners Course before starting the online classes. Once you get started, if you would like to delve into the teachings to deepen your practice, it is recommended that you do the Beginners course.



• Mind and body connection.
• Clarity and harmony.
• Anxiety and stress relief.
• Health improvement.
• Vitality, joy and fulfillment increase.


• Unblock from unhealthy and unconscious patterns that stop you from achieving what you want.
• Create inner freedom to allow innate creativity to express itself.
• Attract prosperity and conscious relationships.


• Get more life-force energy for healing and transformation in all areas of your life.
• Sexual energy balance.
• Spiritual growth and personal development.
• Achieve higher states of awareness consciousness.
• Align with your higher purpose.