Chakras To Align with the Highest, Limitless version of Yourself

The Chakras are centres of vital life force in our subtle energy body. We can’t see them as they are part of our non-physical dimension. Only when we open ourselves up to look deeper within and turn our attention to each of the chakras, we can start to be in charge of our energy and bring the power back to us.

The Chakra system is a powerful tool to promote health and personal well-being, and a powerful tool to work on the Self. A tool is needed to elevate ourselves beyond our attachments and mundane lives and perceive our lives from a higher perspective according to a more authentic dimension of ourselves. In that process, we find true success and happiness.

Many of us need to work on the Chakras and their respective energies, as they might be closed, weak, or unbalanced. If any of the following resonate with you, it might be that you need to work on your Chakras:


  • Lack of inner vitality and energy.
  • Struggle and difficulties relaxing and letting go.
  • Tension and pain in the body.
  • Feelings overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious.
  • Feeling stuck in areas in your life like your career, relationships, and personal growth.
  • Feeling confused, with a lack of direction or self-identity, etc.

The good news is that we can use our energy to elevate and empower ourselves from within rather than contract and limit our lives with all of the above.

A Journey through the Chakras involves activating, strengthening, and reprogramming each chakra by being mindful of our reactions and interactions in life situations and developing a relationship with each chakra. With a greater understanding of how their energy work, we can hold, contain and use their respective energies more wisely for our growth and self-nurturing.


The Chakra Workshop is a powerful journey through Kundalini Yoga. It promotes profound internal shifts to renew energy, unfold your innate creativity, resolve inner conflict, and allow your inner truth to express itself.


Check out the 7-Chakra Kundalini Workshop here.

Previous experience is not required.

On-site and Online.




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