5 Tips for Beginners Kundalini Yoga Students

If you haven’t practiced Kundalini Yoga or any other yoga before, here are some tips for you to get prepared for your first Kundalini Yoga experience: 



1. Make it a date for yourself

Each Kundalini Yoga practice is a time you devote to yourself and your Higher Self.  If you keep yourself enthusiastic and committed to your practice, Kundalini yoga becomes a tool that serves you even when life gets in the way and when you face challenges, sadness, or uproar in your life. A small practice can shift your state of mood and give you the strength and uplift you might need at that moment.


2. Be open-minded

Kundalini Yoga can be ‘different’ for some people who are unfamiliar with the technique. Be ready to flow with new opportunities. If there is anything you haven’t tried before, give yourself the chance to explore new paths. You only need to be alert and be open for new things to happen, in the yoga mat and beyond it.

Clear all expectations and free your mind of concerns like: ‘what’s going to happen in a class’, or ‘what if I don’t like it’. The more open-minded you are, the more that you receive. A clouded mind is a mind that holds fear and blockages the natural flow for things to happen. 


3. Trust

Kundalini Yoga is an enjoyable practice in which you feel uplifted and connected. It is a truly authentic practice that brings peace, balance, and love. Trust it and enjoy the process. Enjoy each second of your practice whatever you’re doing. If you trust the process, knowing that it heals, rejuvenates and brings health to you, you’ll love it!


4. Don’t give up

It’s ok to start small and take as many rests as you need during class. Incorporating yoga and meditation into your practice can be challenging at first, and even if it’s just two minutes of meditation might feel like a struggle. But don’t give up. Training your body and quieting your mind takes practice. You must know that even just a few minutes of practice can bring many benefits and positively impact you.


5. Get Started

Kundalini yoga is for everyone, and no matter how experienced you are. The Beginners Kundalini Yoga Course can help if you don’t have previous experience in yoga, meditation, or Kundalini Yoga, or would like to have a more profound experience and deepen the understanding of your practice.


Get started now with the Beginners Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Online Course, and reap the benefits of your practice. 

You will receive:

✓ Four hours of course – theoretical and practical classes structured in 2 Modules and 18 videos with unlimited access to learn at your own pace. 

✓ Learn from anywhere and get the transformative strength, wellbeing, and awakening of the Kundalini Yoga & Meditation practice.

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