Yoga Team

We are an experienced and certified teachers team passionate about bringing you the benefits of Kundalini yoga and meditation.


Arjan Hari Kaur

I came to Australia in 2013 and began sharing the Kundalini teachings with the local community in Brisbane. I’ve seen how Kundalini Yoga opens people up to feeling at a deeper, more intimate level. I enjoy seeing students evolve and grow with clarity of mind, a healthy body, and leaving classes feeling great. I am committed to opening up people to access their inner wisdom, heart center, and consciousness on a transformational body, mind, and heart journey though Kundalini yoga practice.


Namdhan Kaur

I am most passionate about serving others to reach higher realms of consciousness and self-awareness in order to move through life’s ups and downs with grace, humility and compassion. I feel so alive and well practicing Kundalini Yoga, having access to this technology in today’s modern world is a blessing. Through personal experience and commitment it has taken me on a transformative journey and a deeper understanding of Self.


Devi Kirtan Kaur

I embarked on my spiritual journey in the early 1980s and discovered Kundalini in the early 1990s. I’m passionate about Kundalini Yoga and Metaphysical Healing and how we use the power of the mind and the subconscious to create our realities. I love sharing Kundalini Yoga technology both of healing and therapy for the human experience; With my deep love of music, I combine sound with the powerful and subtle energies of Kundalini Yoga to take students on a delicious journey into the soul.


Soorya Amrit

I am a mama to three teenagers, capoeirista, yoga teacher in various healing modalities, and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in training. I like blending my scientific study of anatomy with the subtle experiences of the body through yogic technology. I believe that the human body is the guru which communicates our inner truth, with every cell manifesting its divine consciousness. I like bringing a down-to-earth holistic approach to the practice of Kundalini yoga, removing the illusory separation between the physical and energetic perceptions.