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The Level One Aquarian Teacher Training is a professional certification program in Kundalini Yoga certified by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), and taught by the AAA International Kundalini Yoga School.


The 220 hours certificate is recognised by Yoga Alliance, KYTANZ & Yoga Australia, and will be issued by the Kundalini Research Institute in Espanola/New Mexico.


A unique, life-changing experience taught during two residential retreats on the beautiful Sunshine Coast near Noosa, and three online weekends. This teacher training is held on-site on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, and it will be live-streamed via Zoom, which you can also participate in from your home.

September 2022 - April 2023

As we are entering the Age of Aquarius, we have to know what life is all about, and we have to become responsible, outspoken, leading teachers of this Age. That's what we have trained for and that's what we have grown into. You cannot live under a camouflage. You have to live openly, honestly, brightly, and forthrightly. Your words should be so strong that they affect every heart; your truth should be so pure that it lifts a person's soul to the heights.

Open yourself up for a more elevated, more empowered and much deeper level of living in your true essence both inside and out. These are just some of the effects of the Level 1 Kundalini Teacher Training.

The Teachings of Ajai Alai Awakening International Kundalini Yoga School will give you a foundation of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. The AAA is a school of life delivering awareness and community-building programs, with the intention to raise the consciousness of human beings to help them build a strong base of positive habits and live a healthier and happier life. The AAA School teaches in Asia, Europe and Australia.
The Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certificate will be delivered by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI). It will give you access to IKYTA (International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association), which guarantees the competencies of the Level 1 Trainers, the validity of the certification and its worldwide recognition.

This Training is suitable for anybody who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the Self. Many decide to study these ancient yoga teachings without wanting to become a teacher. It is recommended for anyone that wants to experience growth in their personal and/or professional path, removing old obstacles that block the way forward.


The majority of the Level 1 students are beginners who have done very little or any practice before and want to get started in the Kundalini yoga practice. It doesn’t matter how much you have practiced before. The Training gives you the foundation to start from the basics of yoga and evolve at your own pace.


The Aquarian Teacher Certification program is a unique adventure in consciousness for personal development and spiritual growth open to yoga students ready to become instructors and those who wish to immerse themselves in the technology of Kundalini Yoga. The Level 1 Teacher Training is open to all men and women, and previous experience with Kundalini Yoga is not required.

In the past few years, the Kundalini Yoga community in Australia has grown as more people discover the transformative strength, wellbeing, and awakening of the practice and science of Kundalini Yoga. This Teacher Training is more than just a profession. It’s a way of life that gives you the ancient-modern knowledge to open you up to your inner wisdom. To choose a life with Kundalini Yoga is to commit to the ‘Self’ and work towards living in a positive state of joy, peace, and contentment. The Level 1 Teacher Training is an investment for life as you receive the tools to live a modern life with peace, clarity, and love.

The Program

The Training is structured in 3 modules called FOUNDATION, THE SELF and 5 ELEMENTS.


The program takes 220 hours, and is divided into 140 hours of class sessions (including class presentations, teachings and teacher guided Q&A and peer group discussions), 40 hours of assignments, homework and preparation, and at least 40 hours of personal practice. A final written exam will be organised at the end of the training to validate your certified diploma by KRI (Kundalini Yoga Research Institute).

Training Dates & Format

Module 1 and Module 3 are immersive residential retreats. Module 2 is taught online over three weekends via Zoom; Module 1 is also offered online for international students and students who can’t travel.


The three modules are usually be completed within one year, but it is also possible to complete the Level 1 within two years. You can start with any of the modules and complete the missed module the following year.

Module 1


This first week is called ‘The Foundation’. This is when the students learn the basics of Kundalini Yoga and become strong to be able to start their growth throughout the rest of the training.
• Yogic Philosophy, roots of Kundalini Yoga and the Aquarian Age.
• Oriental physiology: the system of the 10 bodies.
• Numbers: introduction to Tantric Numerology.
• Science of mantras and Shabd Guru.
• Breathing techniques: the science of pranayama.
• Kundalini Yoga postures and dynamic of the kriyas.
• Mudras and locks.
• Preparation of a class, communication & pedagogy.
• Humanology: life cycles, death and soul journey.

Module 2


• Oriental physiology: the 8 chakras, the 5 pranas, Kundalini energy.
• Cosmic and human cycles of life.
• Ladder of subtlety.
• The Mind and its 81 facets.
• Different kind of meditations: Celestial Communication, Healing, Sat Nam Rasayan, Gong.
• Patanjali Sutras & Pratyhar.
• Science of mantras and Shabd Guru.
• Mental health.
• Kundalini Yoga postures and dynamic of the kriyas.
• Western anatomy.

Module 3


• Humanology: yogic lifestyle & diet.
• Physical health.
• Karma and Dharma.
• Experience the 5 elements.
• Spiritual path, the 5 padas.
• The role of the Teacher / Code of Ethic & Professional Standards for Kundalini Yoga Teachers.
• The art of being a teacher: Poke, Provoke, Confront, Elevate.

module 1



September 19-25, 2022

module 2



November 5-6, 2022

February 4-5, 2023

February 18-19, 2023

module 3

5 elements


April 8 – 15, 2023

Our Teacher training team is composed of our lead trainers Sat Sarbat Kaur and Satmukh Singh, our local trainer Siri Hari Kaur, and international trainer, Fateh Singh. Siri Hari Kaur leads the Teacher Training at the retreat centre on the Sunshine Coast, and Satmukh, Sat Sarbat, and Fateh join online from overseas via Zoom. The yoga room is fully equipped to experience the online live teachings in the best conditions.
The residential format is intended to live the Kundalini Yoga Community and support one another, leading to much growth and transformation through the training, and giving you the chance to meet the community of students around Australia. Our preference for the student is to attend the two retreats in person, as this is an immersive, life-changing experience. Being part of the Kundalini yoga community is a complete experience that positively affects the student. This is an opportunity to create a space for yourself and recognise patterns giving you the chance to align your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels in a more profound sense of unity. The retreat experience is a chance to feel a deeper connection with yourself, the community, the surroundings, the earth, and the universe.

During the training, between the modules, and after the training, you will be part of study groups. These meetings will give you an opportunity to share your experience, reflect and integrate your process. It is also a place to apply the teachings at the level of the community, by being authentic in a group, by learning how to listen and communicate, and by being inspired by others.


(AEST – Australian Eastern Standard Time)

The online training is offered for Module Two, while Modules One and Three will be face-to-face. Module One will also be offered online for international students or students who can’t travel.


The manual for the course will be available to you as a printed copy or as an Ebook.

Small groups will be formed for daily breakout discussions online and the following months after the course for virtual attendance.


It's been a blessing, and the connection that we all made here has been amazing. This training has incredibly bloomed me! I'm thankful for all the students and trainers. It has really made me realise and open my eyes to all oneness that we've shared and how we are all connected as we go on our journey.


I absolutely love the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and glad I have the powerful energy in my life. I feel very blessed. A lot of stuff came up for me during the training that I didnt even realize was stuff.

Tammie A,

The word that describes the experience I had this week is just 'joyful'. I've felt so much joy in my heart, and the teachers, the practice, the people I've come to know has been a powerful experience. I'm so grateful for this experience. I've learned valuable lessons. Thank you.


I'm grateful for the opportunity to practice in retreat and have the community and the sangha. Motivated by everyone else, this practice is such a gift.


It's been awesome. It's been massive. I've enjoyed the time that I've spent with everyone here. I've enjoyed everything that I've learned. I'm looking forward to implementing my daily practice in my life.


Teacher Training Team

International Lead Trainers

Sat Sarbat Kaur & Satmukh Singh

Sat Sarbat Kaur and Satmukh Singh are Mentoring Lead Trainers approved by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), as well as founders of the Ajai Alai Awakening International School of Kundalini Yoga. They offer Kundalini trainings worldwide and have been training teachers internationally for more than fifteen years in Asia, Europe and Australia. Sat Sarbat Kaur is a KRI Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer Level 1 and 2 and Mentoring Lead. Sat Sarbat Kaur expanded her experience around Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, by following several training, such as Sat Nam Rasayan Healing, Numerology, Conscious Pregnancy, and Children Yoga. One of the perks of being part of a yoga community is being around the delightful wonder that is the male yogi. Satmukh Singh is inspired by other spiritual practices and techniques as Gurdjieff movements, Tantric Numerology, Non-Violent Communication, Shamanic Ecstatic Postures and healing tools as the Journey and the Psychogenealogy. He is based in China and travels internationally sharing the teachings of Kundalini yoga.


Fateh Singh is a Yogi, healer and teacher trainer who lives in France. He started Kundalini Yoga in his early twenties. Inspired and truly grateful to have found such a treasure, he became a teacher in 2003. Practitioner of meditation and the healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan with the master Gurudev Singh for the last ten years.


His degree in Psychology and work as a Yoga therapist also refined his understanding of the human mind and its dynamics. Fateh Singh has been involved in AAA programs in China (Level 1 and Level 2) and also in Turkey.

Siri Hari


Siri Hari was introduced to yoga at a young age, she has over 15 years experience as a Kundalini Yoga Level 2 Teacher & Professional Trainer.


Siri Hari has a gentle and joyful nature, her classes are uplifting and energetic. During her time as a teacher she has further developed her learning and has studied Classical Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, and Pranic Healer. She also has a deep interest in philosophy and psychology and has furthered her studies by becoming a Transpersonal Counselor, her wish is to share these teachings each day inside and outside the classroom, she believes we need to be the change we want to see in the world. She aims to live her life in the most authentic way.


Siri Hari has a deep calling to uplift women on their journey, she has delved deeply into Yogi Bhajan’s teachings for women, she is an experienced Prenatal Yoga teacher, Childbirth educator and Children’s yoga teacher. She developed the Radiant Birth Yoga Teacher Training Program based on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, the program has helped hundreds of women experience harmonious and conscious births. Siri Hari has owned and operated three Yoga Studios and has been the


President of the Australia Kundalini Yoga Association, she has also been on the board of the Kundalini Yoga Festival Australia and Kundalini Yoga Collective.

Residential Retreats

Joining the residential training Level 1 is a gift that you offer to yourself. Away from your daily responsibilities, you increase your chance to encounter your deeper self. It is a time to observe, transform and integrate. Your own growth will be supported by a collective living space, with the possibility to serve each other and reconnect to our original nature, to give and to receive.


Being together in nature during the Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and sharing a collective yogic lifestyle for fifteen days is very impactful. It is a source of inspiration and growth. These two residential modules plus the three online weekends are an immersion in the yogic teachings offering the optimum condition to deepen your practice, embrace positive habits, enter a transformational process and encounter your destiny.

Accomodation, yoga hall & meals

The Retreat is where you can escape from the doing madness and be yourself, learn about what is enough for you, and feel that the miracle of nature can sometimes be enough for the moment. Our sacred space for learning is a 100 sqm yoga space with a stunning view across the hinterland to distant Noosa.


All retreats have twin shared accommodation. During the training, students will enjoy the use of the main house, self-contained cabins, glamping tents spread throughout the property. Creating a sense of privacy and community, in a tranquil and nourishing atmosphere to facilitate the journey. With limited capacity and small group sizes, there will be plenty of space to absorb and reflect.


Students will be catered to nutritious and wholesome Ayurvedic meals prepared with love. Ayurveda and yoga are sister sciences and practices, both originating from the Vedic culture in ancient India. The practice of one enhances the other. In our training, the student will be nourished with a diet based on Ayurvedic principles, with foods that are considered sattvic for keeping the body light and mind clear, and that will best support Kundalini yoga practice.

The quality of the food and its simplicity greatly support the transformation process that the students will go through the two-week training retreat.


Two Week Retreat

Modules 1 & 3: ON SITE

Module 2: ONLINE

Two-weeks accommodation & ayurvedic meals

Books and course manuals

KRI Certificate

Reside in Australia

Early-bird price before: April 30

Teacher Training Fees: $3700

Accommodation & meals: $2075

TOTAL  (GST INCL.): $5775

Full price

Teacher Training Fees: $3900

Accommodation & meals: $2075

TOTAL  (GST INCL.): $5975

One Week Retreat

Module 3: ON SITE

Modules 1 & 2: ONLINE

One-week accommodation & ayurvedic meals

Books and course manuals

KRI Certificate

International students/ students who can´t travel

Early-bird price before: April 30

Teacher Training Fees: $3700

Accommodation & meals: $1100

TOTAL  (GST INCL.): $4800

Full price

Teacher Training Fees: $3900

Accommodation & meals: $1100

TOTAL  (GST INCL.): $5000


Places are strictly limited. Register early to secure your spot.


Your booking is confirmed once we receive payment of deposit and your registration form. Please find full terms and conditions.


Pay your $500 AUS deposit

Place your AUD $500 deposit to reserve your spot.


Fill Out & Submit Your Registration Form

 The Registration Form will be sent to you after paying your $500 deposit.


Pay your balance

The remaining amount is paid via bank transfer. Payment plan: We’ll send you three invoices of $1500, plus a fourth invoice with the remaining amount to pay before the training.
We’re flexible so don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange an alternative method.


Please let us know here if you have questions regarding the training or any specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss. We’d be happy to help.

Please contact Arjan Hari: hello@kundaliniyogabrisbane.com.au /+61 0434 278 098